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He was born outdoors, in a stable in fact. His first crib was a manger used to feed the sheep and oxen who shared that stable with him. Other than his parents, Jesus first friends were those animals. Read more
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Since 1970, the Roman Catholic Church has celebrated the Feast of Christ the King on the last Sunday of the liturgical year. Read more
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So read the cover of Time Magazine on April 8, 1966. Time was reporting on a handful of radical theologians who claimed to have invented “Death of God Theology” (aka Theothanatology). Read more
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We are good parents. From infancy we teach our children ‘the facts of life’ –how the world came to be the way it is and how it works. We certainly mean well. But do we do well? Let's see. Read more
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Have you ever been in a fun house? If so, you probably visited the Hall of Mirrors. You enter and all around you are mirrors. Read more
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Robert Frost’s 1916 poem, The Road Not Taken, appears to be a comment on existential angst and the human condition; and on one level it is no doubt just exactly that. Read more
RIGHT AND JUST written by David Cowles
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In Roman Catholic liturgy, the Eucharistic Prayer, the central event of the Mass that incorporates the Transubstantiation of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ (“this is my body…this... Read more
CORINTHIANS written by David Cowles
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In the Bible’s New Testament, 14 letters (or epistles) have traditionally been attributed to Paul of Tarsus, St. Paul. Read more
NIETZSCHE written by David Cowles
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“What alone can our teaching be? – That no one gives a human being his qualities: not God, not society, not his parents or ancestors, not he himself…” “The fatality of his nature cannot b... Read more
CHRISTMAS written by David Cowles
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On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a Nazarene who Christians believe is the Christ, the Messiah foretold throughout Old Testament scripture. Read more
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In its introduction to the Book of Revelation, the New American Bible (Revised Edition), currently the official translation of the Roman Catholic Church, states: “The Apocalypse, or Revelation to Jo... Read more
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If you want to understand what’s special about the Christian world view, travel to London and visit St. Paul’s Cathedral. Read more
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The City of Ephesus, located in modern day Turkey, has hosted some of the most important advances in the history of Western Philosophy. Read more
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Scientists, philosophers and even theologians build models in an attempt to explain phenomena they’ve observed, whether results of laboratory tests, recurrent patterns in nature or prayer experienc... Read more
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There are three fundamental doctrines that characterize the world view generally known as Christianity: Creation, Incarnation and Salvation. Read more