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You remember Alice – the girl who chased a white rabbit down a hole and almost got her head cut off by the Queen of Hearts! But did you know that later on, when she was a bit older, Alice had anothe... Read more
For Kids • Science
Do you like riddles? Try this one: Once, more than 13 billion years ago, I filled the entire universe…but I lasted less than a second. Since then, I never existed again…until 2010. Read more
For Kids • Yellow Submarine
When you were very young, were you ever afraid of your mother’s vacuum cleaner? Were you scared it might suck you up? And what would happen then? Would you just vanish? Of course, you’re much o... Read more
Culture • Existentialism • For Kids • Science • Time
Did you ever say to yourself, “If only I had known then what I know now?” Say it’s Tuesday night and you have an English test coming up Wednesday morning. Read more
THE LEGO MOVIE written by David Cowles
Culture • For Kids • Science
(Note: Toward the end of the movie, Finn explains to his dad that Legos are for kids ages 8 to 14. It says so on the box. But Dad says, “That’s just a suggestion!” Same here. Read more
For Kids • God • Whitehead
(Text from Process and Reality, “God and the World”, by Alfred North Whitehead. Read more
Anaximander • Culture • For Kids • John & Paul
In his master work, I and Thou, the existentialist philosopher, Martin Buber, wrote “In the beginning is the relation.” This was not a new idea. Read more